Article Marketing and Content

Today it's hard to overestimate the importance of website as the way to promote your products or services online. Internet can become a cheap source of steady traffic and one more way to increase the number of customers. Today, when it's not the best time for economy, many forms of marketing become too expensive and so Internet SEO is even more important when ever.

Article Marketing

Article marketing becomes more popular as this is the simplest way to reach publics and get promoted. You do not have to be a writing guru to make an article and submit it to directory. When we talk about article marketing, we suggest the following actions: you write an article that has topic relevant to your website and publish it to another website, providing link to yours. In most cases such articles are posted to special article directories. From time to time blogs offer free article submission, also there are profile newsletters and forums where you can do the same.

Article must be followed by link to your website or there's no sense and no effect for your website. In general, this is a great way to support your SEO efforts and build steady, quality links to your website that won't disappear with time. Also they steady influence your rating, making it grow.

Also, the more material is spread elsewhere, the more people will read it and republish your articles to their blogs, social network profiles, forums, providing additional links to your website. This will also bring you more traffic.

So, you're ready to write several articles and post them to chosen websites or blogs. First decide what you want to write about. Select your niche and read what the others write in this area. Get ideas for your article and select the theme that may draw public's attention. Then think of your business once again and of your potential customers. What content will be interesting for them? After answering this question write several articles of approximately four thousand symbols and make sure they are well-written and contain no mistakes. Your content should be unique, so do not repost articles written by someone else.

Submitting your articles to web directories is quite time consuming and usually it requires time to see your article posted. If time is crucial for you, you can use special services that take your articles and post them to multiple websites at once. Certainly, such services are usually paid. The same goes to article marketing websites. While ones are free, the other may be not.

However, they usually ask a small fee for fast publishing of your work, so it's really worth it. By the way, each article submitting service has so called author box. This is your short profile that will be displayed to audience. Do not neglect it and add several sentences that will advertise you and your service.

Actually, all this is done for resource box - a small text after your article. These are usually 2-3 sentences that provide short author bio and suggest visiting some website or blog for more information. This is where you post your link.

Article marketing campaign doesn't require spending huge money over promoting your website. The effect from it may not be clearly seen within first weeks, but this is an instrument that will steady work over your success for months, increasing website popularity, attracting more customers and gaining sales.