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Type of site Community Weblog
Owner Adland AB
Created by Åsk Wäppling

Adland the commercial archive, known as Adland to its members is a community weblog and advertising archive whose purpose is to share advertising news, gossip, and archive advertising work from around the world, concentrating on commercials and videos. Adland has the worlds largest collection of Super Bowl commercials spanning 37 years. Adland has over 90,000 registered members and " Each month, the site receives 914,436 unique monthly visitors and 4.87 million monthly visits." [1] and is known as "the center for news and discussion" for anything advertising.[2]



Adland was founded by Åsk Wäppling in 1996, best known under her nom de plume Dabitch [3]'. It began as a place to collect plagarized ads under the heading Badland (Résumé 1998)[4], with a mailinglist called adlist on the side. In 2000 the site changed to a blog-form database with RSS feeds and is "the worlds first advertising blog" [5], for advertising it's 'a blog that deserves attention' [6] and FastCompany said that it 'generates a more diverse array of insight'[7] as it allows for the members to post news. Adland has used both the URL's and since 1999 , and announced its new URL in the national newspaper SVD April 2009 [8] The website "tracks gossip news and dud ads from around the world" 'Campaign 8 july 2005' as well as collects advertising and commercials. It wasn't until 2000 that members could sign up and post news or ads themselves to the front page. The original CMS was phpnuke but Adland has now moved to use Drupal. Members are known as "adgrunts" a word coined on Adland and now in widespread use by the advertising community, it even became name of a webcomic about advertising[9], created by Jack Cheng which ran between 2005 and 2007. Åsk has said that her passion for advertising is due to "I think my mum dropped me on the head when I was a kid" [10]


Adland's name derives from the idea that "people in advertising live in the same country and it is Adland" [11] no matter where they are in the world. The proprietress has lived in four different countries during the sites lifetime [12], the content reflects this with ads from around the world available.

In 2003 Adland was the first website to publish the now notorious Puma ads 'Slate: Pumas problem' 'GQ Taiwan'.

In 2005 Adland were the first to post the equally notorious 'Volkswagen suicide bomber' ad

In the summer of 2008 during the Olympics in China, Åsk Wäppling received death threats over a Red Cross campaign posted on Adland.[13] [14][15]

Adland has the world's largest collection of Super Bowl commercials, spanning 37 years. The New York Times [16], the Library of Congress [17] and FastCompany [18] uses this resource for reference. Other notable newspapers that have used Adland as a source for advertising news are Spiegel, CNN Money, Media Guardian, Philadelphia Inquirer, and various trade press around the world such as Résumé (Sweden), Børsen (Denmark), Adformatie (the Netherlands), Campaign (UK), Creativity Magazine (US), Adweek (US).

Åsk Wäppling has commented on industry news as a guest on shows like The Advertising Show, BeanCast and Jane Goldman, nome de plume 'Caffeinegoddess', who also posts frequently on Adland has been on the David Lawrence Show


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