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Amazon SimpleDB is a distributed database written in Erlang[1] by It is used as a web service in concert with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Amazon S3 and is part of Amazon Web Services. It was announced on December 13, 2007.[2]

As with EC2 and S3, Amazon charges fees for SimpleDB storage, transfer, and throughput over the Internet. On December 1st 2008, Amazon introduced a new pricing with free tier[3] for 1 GB of data & 25 machine hours. Transfer to other Amazon Web Services is free of charge.[4]


Limitations of SimpleDB

Published limitations[5]:

Store limitations

Attribute Maximum
domains 100 active domains
size of domains 10GB
attributes per domain 1,000,000,000
attributes per item 256 attributes
size per attribute 1024 bytes

Query limitations

Attribute Maximum
items returned in a query response 2500 items
seconds a query may run 5 seconds
attribute names per query predicate 1 attribute name
comparisons per predicate 20 operators
predicates per query expression 20 predicates

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