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The Aviation Safety Network (ASN) is a website that keeps track of airline incidents. Their database contains details of over 8,700 accidents, and receives approximately 50,000 unique visitors each week.


ASN was founded by Harro Ranter in 1996 as "Aviation Safety Web Pages." Fabian Lujan offered to Harro Ranter in 1999 to rename and relocate the website. After that it was renamed the Aviation Safety Network (ASN). ASN currently does not run any advertisements on their pages, and therefore it relies strictly on donations to keep the operation of their website going. 2006 was their tenth year of operation. ASN has been recognized by many aviation safety bureaus as a reliable source of information through the years.[citation needed] ASN's unique visitors were expected to be around 50 million in 2006.


ASN's mission is to provide everyone with accurate, up-to-date information regarding airline accidents and safety issues. In addition to an extensive database and statistics, there is also a large photo section showing pictures of accidents.

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