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Baidu Baike
File:Baidu Baike.png

Baidu Baike's website on 29 July 2008
Commercial? Yes
Type of site Internet encyclopedia project
Registration Compulsory
Available language(s) Chinese
Owner Baidu
Created by Robin Li

Baidu Baike (Chinese: 百度百科pinyin: Bǎidù Bǎikē; translation: Baidu Encyclopedia) is a Chinese language collaborative Web-based encyclopedia provided by the Chinese search engine Baidu. As of July 2009, Baidu Baike has more than 1.7 million articles.

The test version was released on April 20, 2006, and within three weeks, the encyclopedia had grown to more than 90,000 articles, surpassing that of Chinese Wikipedia. By 2008, had surpassed both in article count.



Baidu's William Chang said at WWW2008, the conference of the World Wide Web Consortium, "There is, in fact, no reason for China to use Wikipedia ... It's very natural for China to make its own products."[1]


The site is an open Internet encyclopedia espousing equality, collaboration, and sharing.[2] The encyclopedia, with two other services provided by Baidu ("zhidao" and "post") would form a trinity to complement the search engine.

The articles are written and edited by registered users and reviewed by behind-the-scenes administrators before release. There is no formal way to contact the administrators. Registered users' contributions are rewarded in a credit point system. Although the earlier test version was named "Baidu WIKI", official media releases and pages on the encyclopedia itself state that the system is not a wiki. However, its operation is akin to a wiki and they occasionally use the word "wiki" internally.[3]

Style and interface

The visual style of the encyclopedia is simple. In articles, only boldface and hyperlinks are supported. Comments are listed at the bottom of each page. Amongst its wiki-like functions, the site supports editing, commenting, and printing of articles, as well as an article history function.


Users can access multiple extended editing functions, including:

  • An image uploading system where files less than 2 MB can be added to articles in the Encyclopedia.
  • A keyword tagging system called "open category" (similar to folksonomy). One article can be tagged with at most 5 categories.
  • A separate edit box for references and external links.

Principles of the encyclopedia

Articles or comments containing the following types of content are removed:[4]

  1. pornographic or violent text or images
  2. "Malicious evaluation" of the current national system
  3. Undermine public regulation
  4. Attacks on government institutions and officials
  5. Instigating racial, ethical, religion or regional issues
  6. Propagating "heretical organizations of feudalistic and superstitious beliefs" (presumably referring to the Falun Gong and Tibetan Buddhism)
  7. Providing hyperlinks to any of the abovementioned contents


Baidu Baike's copyright policy is outlined in the 'terms of use' section of its help page. In it, Baidu Baike states that by adding content to the site, users agree to assign Baidu rights to their original contributions. It also states that users cannot violate intellectual property law, and that contributions which quote works held under the Creative Commons and/or GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL) must follow the restrictions of those licenses.[5] However, on the bottom of each page, the copyright "©2009 Baidu" is displayed, contradicting to its own terms of use.


The number of articles exceeded 10,000 in two days of its launch, and reached 40,000 in six.

Date Number of articles
Year 2006
May 5 82,788
May 21 142,283
July 15 283,417
August 4 314,839
September 9 369,700
October 9 428,000
November 15 489,380
December 13 530,636
Date Number of articles
Year 2007
January 17 578,752
February 15 622,219
March 17 663,487
April 19 706,080
May 23 735,423
August 6 809,921
September 19 863,307
October 17 892,201
November 26 940,429
December 31 982,619
Date Number of articles
Year 2008
January 20 1,004,052
February 20 1,039,906
March 20 1,070,392
April 24 1,115,428
May 27 1,153,565
July 6 1,197,524
September 26 1,286,880
November 22 1,349,621
Date Number of articles
Year 2009
April 13 1,538,218
June 23 1,642,513
September 5 1,758,573
December 6 1,908,069

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