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Type Private
Founded Jorge Vila Boa,
(July, 2008)
Headquarters Lisbon, Portugal
Employees 4 (March 2009)
Type of site Social network service
Advertising Banner ads, referral marketing, integrated communities
Registration Required
Available in English Portuguese
Launched July 2008 is a free social networking website that was launched on July, 2008. It is privately owned by its founder Jorge Vila Boa and Portuguese media group Impresa[1]. Users can create their own profile and groups. The core part of the community is participation, members can create their own blog, online newspaper or participate in communities created by brands. Members can then follow and participate in their favorite blogs, newspapers or communities.


History was started by founder Jorge Vila Boa in 2004 with the name It was a social network made for Portuguese youth. The project grew to a point where it gained the interest of the biggest social media group in Portugal Impresa. A partnership was formed between the two companies at the end of 2007[2]. In 2008 the project outgrew itself, changing its name to and allowing members from around the world to join.

Chilltime Features

  • Customized profiles and follow updates of friends.
  • Create a restricted group of friends where they can share photos and information.
  • Join fan groups and share information
  • Community blogging service allowing members to follow bloggers.
  • Online newspapers for members to read up on and follow
  • Integrated communities with exclusive updates from brands (SIC Radical & Cosmopolitan Portugal)

Online newspapers and blogs

Members can create their own free newspaper or blog that is integrated into the community. They can follow these online spaces, leave comments and participate. Good articles become viral when members participate, as it is posted as a update on their friend feed leading friends to participate too. This service is free and allows members to add their own widgets and add AdSense for revenue.

Integrated social communities lets users interact with their favorite brands. Recently re-launching the official TV station SIC Radical's website, the new website lets user interact with the channel as well as all its programs and fãs. This allows members to select their favorite shows, add them to their agenda, follow updates and share their opinion of the channel.

Mr & Miss launched the mr & miss competition, allowing 2 lucky members to win a year contract with Portuguese model company Face Models owned by stylest Fátima Lopes. The competition was solely decided by the community. The final was hosted on Curto Circuito, a television show on SIC Radical.[3]


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