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Claranet is an ISP and Managed services provider.

Claranet provides network, hosting and managed application services in the UK, France, Germany, The Netherlands (Benelux), Portugal, Spain and the US.

Claranet has grown its business through a number of acquisitions, including Netscalibur in 2003,[1] via uk in 2004[2] and in 2005, Amen Group, via Europe and Artful.[3]


  1. Claranet Press Office - Claranet buys Netscalibur UK to lead sector consolidation
  2. Claranet Press Office - Claranet buys via uk for £7.3 million in cash
  3. Claranet Press Office - Claranet expands into the managed hosting market by buying Artful S.A. in France

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