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This is a comparison of wiki farms. This article will include a general comparison on the basis of cost, existence of ads, licensing, and Alexa rank. A technical comparison will provide differences in editing, features, wiki engine, and multilingual and syntax support. This data should help decision makers choose an appropriate wiki farm.


General comparison

The following tables compare general information for several wiki farms; however, more than 100 wiki farms have been created.[1]

The Alexa traffic rankings are not accurate for those wiki farms that allow some of their hosted wikis to have separate domain names. In those cases there may be some additional Alexa rankings listed below for some of the larger individual wikis in a wiki farm.

Wiki farm Cost? Ads? Content license Alexa rank[2]
Central Desktop Non-free Nonfree ? Template:Nts [3]
Confluence Hosted Non-free Nonfree[4] ? Template:Nts [5]
CustomerVision BizWiki Non-free Nonfree ? Template:Nts [6]
eTouch SamePage Non-free Nonfree ? Template:Nts [7] Free No Copyleft (choice of Creative Commons, GNU FDL, other licenses) Template:Nts [8]
PBworks Free/paid No Template:Nts [9]
Socialtext Workspace Hosted Non-free Nonfree[10] No Wiki creators can set their own. Template:Nts [11]
Wetpaint Free/Paid AS Creative Commons Template:Nts [12] Free/paid ? Template:Nts [13]
Wikia Free Yes Creative Commons Template:Nts [14]
Wikidot Free/paid Template:Yes-No By default Creative Commons, GNU FDL, other licenses as requested Template:Nts [15]
Wikispaces Free/paid Template:Yes-No Choice of Creative Commons, GNU FDL, other licenses Template:Nts [16]
XWiki Free/paid No Any Template:Nts [17]
Wiki farm Cost? Ads? Content license Alexa rank

Technical comparison

Wiki farm WYSIWYG editing Features Base wiki engine Multilingual support Syntax support
Central Desktop Yes Access control, full-text search, calendaring, single sign-on to multiple projects, project templates, RSS enabled. [?] (custom) HTML,[1]
No formulas
Confluence Hosted Yes Wiki markup language, plugins, SSL, file storage, permissioning, WebDAV. HTML plugin
script plugin
No formulas
CustomerVision BizWiki Yes Access control, page templates, domain mapping, solution templates include Sales Support, and Learning Support. [?] (custom)
eTouch SamePage Yes Project management, permissioning, administration and support for multiple domains. eTouch CMS (custom, powered by) Yes Wikis, mailing lists, forums, FTP, subdomains, hosting, ddbb, email alias, backups, CVS/SVN, task management. MoinMoin Supports English, Spanish, French, and many other languages.
PBworks Subdomain. No page limits, SSL, RSS & Atom, ZIP backups, diffs, colour schemes, email notifications, file management, page access settings. Over 800,000 workspaces hosted. One level of folders used to organize pages. Free accounts limited to 2 GB. Available to paying users: Folder- and page-level access controls, custom domain, unlimited storage. [?] (custom) All HTML,[1]
LaTeX formulas
Socialtext Workspace Yes Enterprise Wiki. Supports text, rich text, embedded images, video, and attachments (including from email). Derived from Kwiki
Wetpaint Yes WYSIWYG editing only, custom page hierarchies, Comment and Reply forums with comment ratings, access control, keyword search, tags, tag filtering, skins, RSS, page locking, profiles, site activity report, page and comment watching. No page permission settings. No changes preview. Java-based (custom) No HTML,[1]
Unknown script
No formulas Yes Access control, full-text search (including file attachments), document management, light project management, database, project templates, RSS enabled, stores in XML, Deki Wiki a full featured engine (a MediaWiki fork). Free account 50 MB. Paid account ($99/yr) 1 GB. Deki Wiki
Wikia Yes Common login and common preferences to all wikis of Wikia for the same user. Database download available. Cannot close an inactive wiki, even if the community has moved elsewhere. Domains, names, and identifiers owned by Wikia Inc. Will configure Semantic MediaWiki on request.[18] Blog, User Page, and User Talk pages for users. MediaWiki 1.15.1 All languages Wikipedia exists for (and some more); Community Support in English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese, and several other languages. Same as Wikipedia due to the same Wiki engine - MediaWiki: Some HTML[1], Wikitext,
Math formulas
Wikidot Subdomain. Can map a custom domain if previously registered for free. User can allow ads to be displayed on their wiki and get 80% of revenue. RSS, customizable themes with CSS, advanced forum for each site. Custom page hierarchies, searching, advanced page (full/section/append) edit locking, blocking users and IP addresses. Private messages between users. Uses Ajax. No limit on site size. Public and private wikis. Widgets. Each user can create up to 20 wiki sites and be a member of an unlimited number of wikis. Modified Text_Wiki engine English, Polish, Russian and Community support in French, German, ... more to come. No HTML,[1]
CSS styling
LaTeX math formulas
Wikispaces Yes Subdomain. Free version supported by Google ads - ads can be turned off for a fee. No limits on numbers of pages, spaces, or members. Full RSS support; easy space backups in zip and tgz. Blog import function/ integration. Themes and stylesheets can be customized. Private label service available. [?] (custom) Optional HTML,[1]
Unknown script
Math formulas
XWiki custom skin, unlimited users XWiki All HTML,[1]
No formulas
Wiki farm WYSIWYG editing Features Wiki engine Multilingual support Syntax support

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