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Slogan Organizing and distributing the world's news.
Commercial? Yes
Type of site News
Registration Not required
Available language(s) English
Owner Daylife, Inc
Created by Daylife, Inc
Launched Jan 2007
Current status Active

Daylife is a media services company that offers tools for content aggregation and curation to digital publishers., launched in 2007, is a showcase of the platform's features.

An example of the semantic web, Daylife analyzes a continuous stream of media content, maps connections between news topics, and enables dynamic news navigation by topic, country, journalist, medium, timeline, and geography[1].



Daylife's platform offers access to articles, photos, quotes, videos and tweets from thousands of content sources, analyzed and parsed for manipulation by both publisher and audience. The platform enables automated aggregation, content curation, or a combination of both. Initially known as NewsDB, Daylife Platform products include Daylife Select, a point-and-click tool for content creation, the Daylife API, the Daylife Enterprise API, and SmartContext tools. In September, Daylife announced a strategic investment from Getty Images, and the two companies jointly launched SmartGalleries[2], a tool for automating and curating premium image galleries.

Daylife's Developer API provides programmers with a web-accessible interface to Daylife's news aggregation and analysis services. By using the API, developers can ask rich questions about the news, and retrieve data that will allow them to build applications around the answers to those questions. Both free and paid access is available.

Publishers can customize using CSS to integrate aesthetically with existing properties. Daylife's platform uses proprietary algorithms, AI, and NLP to derive all its data and output. Daylife positions itself as providing publishers with tools to produce intelligent, relevant, high volume content with very little resources or technical aptitude.

Clients include USA Today, The Washington Post, NPR, Sky News, PSFK, and many others[3].


Daylife was founded in 2005 by CEO Upendra Shardanand. launched to the public in January 2007, and the company released its API in 2008[4]. In 2009, Daylife was named one of the "Top 50 Tech Startups' by BusinessWeek[5]. Daylife is funded by Balderton Capital, Arts Alliance, and The New York Times. Angel investors include Michael Arrington, John Borthwick, Andrew Rasiej, and Dave Winer.


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