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Google search results with DeeperWeb
Developer(s) DeeperWeb Team
Stable release 1.1.0 / May, 2009
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Web search engine Plug-in (computing) Mozilla Add-ons Software extension Internet Explorer
License Freeware, Proprietary
Website is a free search engine tool for Google users that allows navigating through search results by employing Tag Cloud techniques. Additional technologies such as Topic-Mapping methods are implemented to assist users in identifying relevant results upon a specific topic.

The tool allows integration with Google search results via its website as well as via a Firefox extension. A search plugin could be used for searching directly from the browser’s search box and is supported on both Internet Explorer 7 and 8 and Firefox 3+ Web Browsers.

On May 5, 2009 DeeperWeb announced its beta release [1] and has received a favorable welcome from the Internet and Social media[2][3][4]. DeeperWeb's idea is based in some extent on a research article[5] written by the company founders, which examines the relationship between the core search engines and the Vertical search markets.



Tag Cloud Features

  • Tags Tab: Improves search results by adding (or excluding) a keyword from the original query. Tag Cloud reveals keywords relevant to the search query.
  • Phrases Tab: Reveals meaningful phrases hidden beneath the pile of search results, allowing to amend the search query by clicking on the relevant phrase ( adding or excluding the phrase from the search query).
  • Sites Tab: Clicking on one of the sites in the Tag Cloud will bring all relevant results from the selected source only.
Several business, Internet marketing and Search engine optimization (SEO) applications in using the “sites” tab: identifying main competitors, pinpointing targeted sites for most effective advertisement and isolating the authoritative websites of a particular topic.
  • Zones Tab: Zones helps to narrow down and focus on specific domains such as .org .edu or country specific suffixes.

Topic Mapping Features

  • Answers Search: Resources of “questions and answers”, support discussions and social forums providing search results to a realm of questions and answers.
  • Blog Search: Current articles in the Blogosphere relevant to the search query.
  • Metrics Search: Search query relevant results with facts, statistics, percentages, market share, data, tables and graphs.
  • Wikipedia Search: Provides users instant access to Wikipedia terms related to the search.
  • Resources Search: Relevant articles, business articles, recent white papers, research studies.
  • News Search: Latest news articles relevant to your query


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