Dinosaur Diorama

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Dinosaur Diorama
Type Production Company
Founded Brooklyn, New York, USA (2006)
Headquarters Brooklyn, NY, USA
Key people Thom Woodley
Industry Entertainment
Products Web Series
Website [1]

Dinosaur Diorama, also known as DioramaTV, is a production company that focuses primarily on the creation of serialized online video. Their major releases include The Burg, The All-for-nots and All's Faire. The company consists of Thom Woodley, Matt Yeager and Johnny North, and was founded by Woodley and Kathleen Grace.

It is significant because along with Stage 9 and Big Fantastic, it is one of the three major online video production companies. Their shows have been featured in Wired[1] and The New York Times.[2] The company itself was mentioned in conjunction with Michael Eisner's web distribution company Vuguru by Variety.[3] They were nominated for five Streamy Awards in 2009[4] (Best Ensemble for All's Faire, Best Music for All's Faire, Best Music for The All-For-Nots, Best Cinematography for The All-For-Nots, and Best Ad Placement for The All-For-Nots).

In September, 2009, Dinosaur Diorama signed with the Writers Guild of America on their New Media contract.[5]


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