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File:Firebird logo.png
Developer(s) Firebird Project
Stable release 2.1.3 / September 8, 2009; 351072557 ago
Preview release 2.5.0 RC 1 / December 26, 2009; 341654957 ago
Written in C++
Operating system Cross-platform
License IPL, IDPL

Firebird is an open source relational database management system that runs on GNU/Linux, Windows, and a variety of Unix platforms. The database forked from Borland's open source edition of InterBase in 2000, but since Firebird 1.5 the code has been largely rewritten [1].



Within a week of the InterBase 6.0 source being released by Borland on 25 July 2000,[2][3] the Firebird project was created on SourceForge.[4][5] Firebird 1.0 was released for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X on 11 March 2002,[6] with ports to Solaris, FreeBSD 4, HP-UX following over the next two months.[7]

Work on porting the codebase from C to C++ began in 2000. On 23 February 2004, Firebird 1.5 was released,[8] which was the first stable release of the new codebase. Version 1.5 featured an improved query optimizer, SQL-92 conditional expressions, SQL:1999 savepoints and support for explicit locking.[9] Firebird 2.0 was released on 12 November 2006,[10] adding support for 64-bit architectures, tables nested in FROM clauses, and programmable lock timeouts in blocking transactions.[11]

The current stable release is version 2.1.3, which adds new features including procedural triggers, recursive queries, and support for SQL:2003 MERGE statements.[12]

Firebird 2.5 is currently in development, with a final release scheduled for 2009. New features will include improved multithreading, regular expression syntax and the ability to query remote databases.[13] The planned 3.0 release is expected to support stored procedures in languages such as Java and C++, and SQL window functions that restrict query results. Beta 2 was released in 11 August 2009 , with final version due before the end of 2009.[14]


  • Full support for stored procedures and triggers[15]
  • Full ACID compliant transactions
  • Referential integrity
  • Multi Generational Architecture (sometimes called MVCC) [16]
  • Very small footprint [17]
  • Support for External Functions (UDFs)
  • Optional single file embedded version for creating CD-ROM catalogs, single user or evaluation versions of applications
  • Third party tools, including GUI administrative tools and replication tools
  • Careful writes - fast recovery, no need for transaction logs
  • Many access methods: native/API, dbExpress drivers, ODBC, OLEDB, .Net provider, JDBC native type 4 driver, Python module, PHP, Perl
  • Incremental backups
  • Full cursor implementation in PSQL

Mozilla Firefox name clash

In April 2003, the Mozilla Foundation decided to rename their web browser from Phoenix to Firebird after a trademark dispute with Phoenix Technologies. This decision caused concern within the Firebird database project due to the assumption that users and Internet search engines would be confused by a database and a web browser both using the name Firebird. The dispute continued until the Mozilla developers issued a statement making clear that their software package was called "Mozilla Firebird", not "Firebird". The statement also said that the Mozilla Firebird name was a project codename. On February 9, 2004, Mozilla renamed its browser Mozilla Firefox, thus ending the confusion.


  • 2009. SourceForge Community Choice Award: Best Project for enterprise. Finalist on Best Project and Best Project for Government.
  • 2007. SourceForge Community Choice Award: Best Project for enterprise, Best user support.

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