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GCPedia at GTEC by mgifford

GCPEDIA is the Government of Canada internal wiki proof of concept, for collaboration and knowledge sharing. GCPEDIA is only accessible via the Government of Canada network and contributors must be on a computer on a government (.gc.ca) network to be able to access it.

GCPEDIA distinguishes itself from Wikipedia by being exclusively for and about the Government of Canada, exemplified with its slogan “People & Knowledge“. Official Languages considerations further distinguish this tool from Wikipedia.



GCPEDIA is an initiative of the Chief Information Officer Branch, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, with support from members of the GCPEDIA Web2.0 Steering Committee and participants throughout the federal government.

GCPEDIA was formally launched as a Government-wide pilot by Ken Cochrane, former Chief Information Officer for Canada at the annual Government Technology Exhibition and Conference (GTEC) in Ottawa, Canada on October 28, 2008.[1][2][3]


By default, GCPEDIA is open to any member of the Government of Canada federal public service where all may read the content anonymously. It uses IP address restrictions (essentially only users with addresses in the Canadian government gc.ca domain can access the site) - it is accessible only within the federal GC intranet. This is potentially 250,000 people from over 150 departments and agencies. Users must be registered if they wish to add or modify content so that all contributions are attributable.


GCPEDIA (the wiki) runs on MediaWiki software and is expected to be the foundation of federal horizontal collaborative services.

GCPEDIA is hosted on the Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) Mid-Range Application Hosting Service.


Canada's CIO, Corinne Charette, said in October 2009 of the success of GCPEDIA: "Clearly this is a community that is ripe for collaboration".[4]


In the longer term, the overall GCPEDIA initiative will include social networking directories of people and groups, as well as blogs for specialized news sharing. Other services will be integrated as GCPEDIA matures.

GCPEDIA does not require a large formal organization to operate it. Rather it provides a stable, open environment with a limited number of rules in which communities can form, develop, and share open knowledge.


As of September 5, 2009 there are 7,982 registered users. GCPEDIA contains a total of 4.045 pages, including talk pages and stub articles. There are amore than 200 entries in the Communities category, and a total of 1,214,943 page views.


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