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Google Image Swirl
Type of site Image Search
Owner Google
Created by Google
Launched November 2009

Google Image Swirl[1] is a new image search provided by Google Inc. A new approach to the vizualization of search results makes this service unique: The images are organized in groups and sub-groups, so-called "swirls", based on their visual and semantic similarity. Such grouping is of use by resolving ambiguous queries visually (like Apple, jaguar, etc.). Moreover, such search explores and provides images from different perspectives and angles. Now such kind of search is provided only for the limited amount of queries (about 200.000).


Bing concurrence

In September, 2009, a few weeks before Google Image Swirl appeared, Bing has also announced Bing Visual Search Beta. However, for exploring pictures with Bing you need to use Internet Explorer browser and you need to install Silverlight. Thereby, Bing Visual Search is available only in English.

Technical details

Google Image Swirl is said to leverage computer vision technologies created for Similar Images and Picasa Face Recognition to determine how images should be grouped together. The software also uses visual and textual features in the images to build a hierarchical tree of relationships between the top image results, as a Product Manager Aparna Chennapragada said in the interview to the [2].


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