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Illegal flower tribute (非法献花) left outside Google China's headquarters after its announcement it may leave the country

Goojje (Chinese characters: Template:Linktext) is a spoof website of Google China, which encourages the real site to stay online and comply with Internet censorship in the People's Republic of China.[1] The site was created after Google executives publicly threatened to shut down the Chinese site following the Operation Aurora cyber attack on Google China,[2] which some computer security experts believe may have come from within China as in the GhostNet cyber spying operation. Google China executives had also publicly condemned the necessity of filtering search results in line with the Golden Shield Project (also known as the Great Firewall of China), which some commentators have stated appears to run counter to Google's mantra, Don't be evil.



Google in Chinese is 谷歌 (pinyin: Gǔgē), a transcription without regard to its meaning of "valley song". The Chinese name of Goojje can be interpreted as having meaning of "the sister of Google". The jje phoneme is from the word for sister, "jie jie (姐姐)", which mirrors how Google's last syllable (歌) sounds like "ge ge (哥哥)" (brother).


Goojje appears to be run by just one person, a female college student from Guangdong.[3]

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