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(GVR) - Guido van Robot
Guido van Robot in action.
Stable release 4.1 / January 6, 2009; 365721152 ago
Available in Python

Guido van Robot (GVR) is an educational tool to help students learn the Python programming language, named after the creator of Python, Guido van Rossum. GVR uses the idea behind Karel the Robot, making the learning of Python programming more interesting. Using GVR, a student writes a program that controls a 'robot' that moves through a city consisting of a rectangular grid of streets (left-right) and avenues (up-down). Guido van Robot uses a minimalistic programming language providing just enough syntax to help students learn the concepts of sequencing, conditional branching, looping and procedural abstraction. It permits this learning in an environment that combines opportunities for problem-solving with instant visual feedback. In short, it is an interactive, introductory programming language that focuses on learning the basic concepts of programming, applicable in any high-level language.

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