Hosting Controller

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Hosting Controller
Developer(s) Hosting Controller, Inc.
Stable release 8.0 / March 2009
Operating system Windows, Linux
Type Automation
License Proprietary

Hosting Controller or Hosting Controller Automation Solution is a commercial automation hosting program created by Advanced Communications of Los Angeles, California USA. Development of the program began in 1997.



Hosting Controller Automation Solution is a business and operational support system for hosting service providers, including shared web hosting for both Linux and Windows. It also supports SaaS and Enterprise hosting services like MS Exchange, HMC (versions 4.0 and 4.5), SharePoint and BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Latest release

HC8, released in March 2009, manages different hosting services in both cluster and simple environments. [1][2]. It provides support for web hosting companies to manage Windows and Linux servers through a unified interface. The major difference in HC8 is the addition of enterprise modules by which Hosting Service Providers (HSPs) can manage and automate enterprise hosting services such as those listed above. [3].

HC Enterprise Modules

HC Enterprise Modules provide interface with programs such as Microsoft Exchange 2007.[4] The modules currently available for live production are:

- Microsoft Exchange 2007
- MS HMC 4.0/ HMC 4.5 - BlackBerry Enterprise Server
- SharePoint services
- Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Support for other applications

Hosting Controller is working to support more enterprise solutions via the addition of modules by the end of 2009. Planned modules include:

- Support for Hyper-V
- Support for OCS
- Modified and improved version of HMC 4.0/4.5

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