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Type Private
Headquarters New York, NY
Key people Gianni Martire, Co-founder & CEO
Chris Mirabile, Co-founder & COO
Eugene Jen, CTO
Type of site Geosocial networking
Registration Facebook Connect
Launched November 2009

Hotlist is a location based social utility that enables users to find out "what’s going on" amongst their friends and networks.[1] The site’s main purpose is to keep friends in the loop, find what’s popular and view the social scene at any venue.[2] The site provides detailed analytics (guy-to-girl ratio, age groups, university affiliations) and photos of the crowd expected to attend a venue. The site is primarily community driven, and caters exclusively to college students and alumni.[3] Hotlist has been referred to as Facebook Events on Steroids. [4]



File:Home Page.png
Hotlist's homepage features a Facebook connect login in the center of the screen.
College students and alumni can join Hotlist via Facebook connect.[5] People who do not belong to a college network on Facebook will be rejected.[6]



NYU Stern

NYU Stern gave Hotlist a $25,000 grant after winning NYU's 10th Annual Business Plan Competition.[1]


Hotlist's first headquarters was Carlyle Court, an NYU dorm.[2] Hotlist is currently operating out of the NYU Poly Incubator set up by NYU Poly and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.[3]

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