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File:Hudong dot com sitescreenshot LQ.PNG
Screenshot taken on 29th of July, 2009
Slogan The interactive encyclopedia
Type of site Online encyclopedia
Registration Compulsory
Available language(s) Chinese
Owner Hoodong (Beijing) Technologies Co.
Created by Dr. Pan Haidong (CEO)
Launched June 19, 2005 (2005-06-19)
Alexa rank 77 (in China)[1][2]
Current status perpetual work-in-progress

Hudong (formerly Hoodong, "Interactive Online"; Chinese: 互动在线, Hanyu Pinyin: Hùdòng Zàixiàn) is the world's largest Chinese encyclopedia website[3] that was founded in 2005 by CEO Dr. Pan Haidong.[4]

As of November 2009, it was China's largest wiki site and online encyclopedia[5] with over 3.92 million articles, 4.34 billion words, three million pictures and 1.9 million registered users, according to its website.[6][7]



Hudong, a 2007 RedHerring 100 Asia company, developed its own wiki software platform as a rival to the more established MediaWiki called HDWiki. The system has some social networking-like interactive features, such as user profile, friends and groups. The first version was released in November 2006 and by November 2007 version 3 with added functions, features, and more stability was also released.[8]

The HDWiki software has been downloaded 200,000 times and currently supports over 1,000 other web sites in China (as of December 2007), consisting mostly of tech researchers, OS groups, government, universities, and high school students.

As of October, 2009 it was China's largest wiki site and online encyclopedia[5] with over three million articles and 1.7 million registered users, according to its website.[9][10]


Hudong includes features of social networking sites including forums and fan groups.[11] Unlike Wikipedia, Hudong is a for-profit business. Its content is fully copyrighted, rather than released under a free license.

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