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File:IEs4Linux logo.svg
File:Ies4linux screenshot.png
IEs4Linux working on Ubuntu Hardy
Original author(s) Tatanka
Developer(s) Tatanka
Operating system Linux + Wine
Platform Linux/Mac OS
Available in Multilanguage
Development status Active
Type Web browser
License GPL

IEs4Linux is a free and open source script that allows a user to run Internet Explorer on Linux (or any other OS running Wine). It is possible to install Internet Explorer versions 5, 5.5 and 6; along with partial functionality of IE7 (the rendering engine is loaded into the IE6 interface, which works well enough to demonstrate how the target page looks in IE7).

This application is oriented towards web developers: it allows users of non-Windows operating systems to view the their web pages in a similar manner to how they look on Windows. As well, since the primary goal is to make Internet Explorer work on systems besides Windows (using Wine), it could be less likely to have issues with viruses or malware targeting Windows.

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