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Developer(s) Ryan Holliday
Stable release 0.8.2 / 2010-1-24; 326555348 ago
Written in Java, servlets and JSP
Operating system Cross-platform
Type wiki software
License GNU Lesser General Public License
Website http://www.jamwiki.org

JAMWiki is wiki software built around the standard J2EE components of Java, servlets and JSP. It was written by Ryan Holliday and released under the LGPL. JAMWiki uses the same wiki syntax (including templates) as MediaWiki software. However it is not a MediaWiki fork, being implemented from scratch on a top of completely different platform.

JAMWiki internally uses Spring framework and can run both on "true" J2EE servers (like Glassfish) and simpler platforms like Apache Tomcat. Wiki supports big range of various databases.



Ryan Holliday started developing JAMWiki in June 2006.[1]


  • Wikipedia style syntax - At the present time JAMWiki supports the majority of the Mediawiki syntax including:
    • User watchlists.
    • Mediawiki footnotes (references).
    • Mediawiki templates.
    • Mediawiki categories.
    • Image support (including automatic image resizing).
    • Topic delete / undelete.
    • Topic versioning.
    • Searching (powered by Lucene)
    • Page move/redirect
  • Internationalization - JAMWiki uses UTF-8 unicode as its standard encoding, making it work in languages such as Japanese and Chinese.
  • XML import / export - JAMWiki can import and export topics in Mediawiki-compatible XML format.


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