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Lotus Foundations is a bundled small-business server solutions package by IBM. The package includes Lotus Domino, directory services, file management, firewall, backup, web hosting and various other productivity tools. The platform is designed to work with Windows, Linux, and Apple.

The product's release is a direct result of IBM's acquisition of Net Integration Technologies, which has been integrated into the IBM Lotus division. [1] The original pre-acquisition product was based around the Net Integrator Mark 1 server appliance and its NITIX Autonomic Linux Server OS. [2]

Lotus Domino

Lotus Domino is an IBM server product that provides enterprise-grade e-mail, collaboration capabilities, and custom application platform. It can be used as an application server for Lotus Notes applications and/or as a web server. It also has a built-in database system in the NSF format. From release 7, Domino server can use IBM DB2 system as its backend database.


The Lotus Foundations firewall is GUI-based, designed for ease of use and features auto-configuration of firewall settings. The firewall allows incoming FTP (active and passive Mode), HTTP, HTTPS and SMTP while allowing outgoing DNS, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS and telnet as well as the IMAP, POP3 and SMTP mail protocols. [3]

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