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File:LyricWiki Main Page.png
Screenshot of the main page
Commercial? Yes
Type of site Internet lyrics database
Registration Optional
Available language(s) Multilingual (13 active Main Page translations)
Owner Wikia
Created by Sean Colombo
Launched April 2006
Alexa rank 12,212[1]
Current status Active

LyricWiki is a lyrical database-oriented website.[2] As of August 9, 2009, it is the fifth largest MediaWiki installation with over 870,000 pages.[3] Users on the site can view, edit, and discuss the lyrics of songs, which are also available for purchase from links on the site.[4] The site is powered by MediaWiki and is searchable by song, artist, album, genre, hometown, label, and language.[2] Users are told to be mindful of copyright while contributing,[5] and copyright violations are removed upon request.[6]



The site allows programmatic access to the contents of its database through a webservice.[7] This API has been leveraged to create plugins for many media players including Winamp,[8] Amarok,[9] Windows Media Player,[8] iTunes,[10] musikCube,[8] foobar2000,[8] and more.[11]A Mac OS X Dashboard app has also been made[12], designed to pull lyric data from LyricWiki as the songs are playing, and then update the ID3 tag for the song in iTunes[13]. This occasionally causes a slight skip in the song while the data is written, similar to that encountered when changing any other ID3 data. LyricWiki has also released a Facebook application called "LyricWiki Challenge" which is a social, competitive game based on identifying lyrics from popular songs in several genres.[14] As of August 2, 2009, however, lyrics themselves can no longer be supplied through the API, due to licensing issues[15].


The site was released in April 2006 by Sean Colombo while a student at RIT and soon after won the DreamHost Site of the Month award for April 2006[16] which helped jump-start its growth since winners of the contest are announced in DreamHost's monthly newsletter which claims to have over 50,000 subscribers.

Motive Force LLC, the parent company of LyricWiki, was the target of a lawsuit brought forth against it by the National Music Publishers Association.[17] Currently the site has migrated to Wikia, which has a blanket licensing arrangement with Gracenote to provide lyrics [18]


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