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MachPanel Provisioning System is a commercial unified hosting control panel software for traditional as well as SaaS hosting services. Originally this control panel was released under brand name eJadSPM System and it was re branded to MachPanel Provisioning System [1]. It's a product of MachSol, Inc. a California based company focused on Cloud based SaaS services.



MachSol's MachPanel Control Panel is designed as a complete unified solution for the hosting service providers to provision and bill both traditional and SaaS hosting services. MachPanel has built-in plan wizard to design hosting plans including Shared Hosting (Windows), Microsoft Exchange 2007 & 2010, MS SharePoint Services, BlackBerry Enterprise Services, Microsoft CRM, MS OCS, Hyper-V, Dedicated Servers, and VPS Servers, Domain Names and SSL certificates.

It includes management control panels for provider and self-service control panel for resellers and end customers.

MachPanel Control Panel for Windows supports Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 operating systems x64/x86 flavors. It manages various versions of Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL, Mail Servers (MailEnable, SmarterMail, Merak Mail Server, etc), Scripting (Microsoft .NET, ColdFusion, PHP, Perl), as well as Microsoft Exchange Server, Moss, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Other key features of MachPanel include:

  • ...Billing System: MachPanel offers advanced billing system specifically designed for hosting service providers. It can bill wide range of services including shared hosting and SaaS hosting service.
  • ...Private label reseller: MachPanel offers support for private label reseller hosting.
  • ...Help desk: Built-in help desk supporting multiple departments, technicians, role based access, automatic email responders, and e-mail to ticket functionality that converts incoming email into support ticket.
  • ...Network monitoring: Network monitor for ports monitoring and alerts.
  • ...Online store: Online store to quickly carry out self-service ordering on service website.

Enterprise Extensions

MachPanel Control Panel offers several enterprise extensions that are not part of main software licensing but are purchased separately. These extensions are however installed with default installation and may be disabled if not needed.

These extensions are designed to allow hosting companies quickly expand into newer and more profitable hosted services such as Hosted Exchange Service. These Enterprise Extensions include functionality for billing, provisioning, multiple server support, and management.

These include:

Product Road Map

Product road map of MachPanel includes:

- Hyper-V based virtual hosting provisioning support
- MS OCS based hosted VOIP platform
- Private label turn-key support

Version history

Version Released
MachPanel Provisioning System 4.1.12[2] Jan 28, 2009
MachPanel Provisioning System 4.0.40[3] Jan 6, 2009
MachPanel Provisioning System 4.0.36[4] Dec 11, 2009
MachPanel Provisioning System 4.0.34[5] Nov 11, 2009
MachPanel Provisioning System 4.0.31[6] Sep 24, 2009
MachPanel Provisioning System 4.0.30[7] Sep 24, 2009
MachPanel Provisioning System 3.1.19[8] June 4, 2008
MachPanel Provisioning System 3.1.18[9] April 25, 2009
MachPanel Provisioning System 3.1.16[10] Mar 17, 2009
MachPanel Provisioning System 3.1.15[11][12] Jan 15, 2009
MachPanel Provisioning System 3.0[13][14] Dec 22, 2008
eJadSPM v.2.0 RC1 Hosting Automation Product [15] Nov 15, 2007


MachPanel configures all virtual hosts under their own IIS user and (optionally) their own IIS worker process group. This eliminates complains of users of other popular control panels which are not secured in sense of multi-tenant hosting since they tend to run all virtual hosts under same user.[16]

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