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File:Mashable logo.png
Slogan The Social Media Guide
Type of site social media news
Available language(s) English, French and Spanish
Owner Pete Cashmore
Created by Pete Cashmore
Launched July 2005[1]
Alexa rank 384[2]
Revenue Est. $166,000 per mo.[1]

Mashable is an Internet news blog, started by Pete Cashmore in July 2005. With a reported 7+ million monthly pageviews[3] and an Alexa ranking just over 400,[4] it ranks as one of the largest blogs on the Internet. Mashable regularly writes about YouTube, Facebook, Google, Twitter, MySpace, Apple and startups,[5] but it also reports on less high-profile social networking and social media sites.[1]

Mashable is popular on many social networks. As of December 21, 2009, it has over 1.8 million Twitter followers, over 90,000 fans on Facebook, and over 330,000 RSS subscribers.[3]


Open Web Awards

On January 10, 2008 at Palace Hotel, San Francisco, Mashable announced the winners of the first Open Web Awards[6].

The 2nd Annual Open Web Awards was a solely on-line international competition that took place between November and December 2008. Amongst the winners in the 'People's Choice' component were Encyclopedia Dramatica in the wiki category, beating out WikiHow in second place and Wikipedia in third. Others included digg in the 'Social News and Social Bookmarking' category, Netlog in the 'Mainstream and Large Social Networks' category and MySpace in the 'Places and Events' category.[7]

The 3rd Open Web Awards were held in November-December 2009.

Acquisition of Blippr

On March 9, 2009, Mashable announced that it had acquired Blippr, a micro-reviews service based on the concept that users can review games, books, movies, music, and web applications in 160 characters or less.[8]


Mashable have been criticized in various forms, notably on comments via DISQUS and various blog posts, one claiming that the site 'used to be a source for entertaining news about social media, but recently it’s been posting mainstream news.'[9] Mashable, however, has responded to the criticism and claim that they are 'going to experiment and refine as [Mashable] goes.'

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