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MathTime[1] (sometimes MathTıme) is a commercial set of Times compatible mathematical type family for TeX, created by Michael Spivak. Used together with Times, it is one of the few typefaces that provide full-featured text and mathematical typesetting within TeX.

MathTime has been available in three variants:

  • MathTime 1.x: contains the Times compatible TeX math italic, math symbol and math extension font.
  • MathTime Plus: contains the Times compatible TeX math italic, math symbol and math extension font in bold and "heavy" (extra bold), used in addition to MathTime 1.x[2].
  • MathTime Professional 2: A redesigned, optical scaling (matching the 9 or 10 pt Times Ten, 7 pt Times Seven, and 5½ pt Times Small Text) version free of license restriction by Monotype Corporation, and includes (in addition to the variants from 1.x/Plus) the AMS symbols, upright script, (sans-serif) blackboard bold and "holey Roman" (serifed blackboard bold) math fonts, and extra large operators[3].

MathTime 1.x and MathTime Plus was sold by (the now defunct) Y&Y, while MathTime Professional 2 is marketed by PCTeX. MathTime has been widely adopted by academic publishers such as by Elsevier[4], American Physical Society[5], and Springer[6].

Similar typefaces

  • TrueTeX's Belleek[7] is a metrically identical (but significantly different in shape) free replacement font for MathTime 1.x.
  • MicroPress' (also commercial) TM Math[8] and the related (free) STIX fonts are similar in scope.


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