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Media Temple
Type Private[1]
Founded 1998[1]
Headquarters Culver City, California, USA[2]
Area served Worldwide
Key people Demian Sellfors (CEO)[3]
Industry Computer services
Services Website hosting, software application services
Revenue US$21,000,000 (2008)[4]
Employees 103 (2008)[4]

Media Temple (sometimes referred to as "(mt)") is a website hosting and software application services company based in Culver City, California, USA.[1] It is a pioneer of "grid hosting", whereby multiple stand-alone servers are linked to provide additional capacity for clients during periods of peak demand.[3] Current clients include Qantas, Adobe and Rip Curl.


Media Temple's primary business in website hosting for more than 200,000 websites from 40 countries on Grid-Service.[3] Its grid hosting system uses a network of servers that work together as a team. Unlike traditional shared hosting, grid hosting can cope well with spikes in traffic as it can assign more servers to help carry the load. The service was launched on October 17, 2006.[5]

Grid-Service shared hosting has come under criticism for service outages[3][6]. Intermittent service availability has been a frequent problem[7][8][9][10]. In one case, periodical downtime occurred between April 29, 2008 and May 28, 2008, until engineers made substantial changes to the system's storage architecture[11].

Grid-Service is scheduled to be replaced by a Cluster-Server in 2010[12] (as opposed to a previous schedule for 2009[citation needed]). The new storage system is being designed to eliminate the main source of service instability that Grid-Service suffered from.

Media Temple also provides a dedicated hosting service providing virtual private servers[13] designed for clients whose websites experience high levels of traffic. According to the company, its clients include Diesel, Adobe, Rip Curl, Mashable, CheeseMind and Qantas[14].


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