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MeettheBoss is a business networking tool for business executives around the world, across all vertical industries. Content is all in English.

MeettheBoss facilitates secure video conferencing, IM, email and SMS between members. Members have individual profiles with listed business interests. This site features weekly interviews with industry leaders heading large global companies. Discussion groups are set up with Q&A sessions to provide opportunities for users to make contacts and gain insight from industry leaders. The concept has received global media attention.

The entire site is built with a ‘SmartWords’ feature that tracks a user’s interests through his or her activity. The intuitive system ranks interests based on interaction with certain keywords, subjects, and topics, and in turn presents the information that a user's behaviour indicates.

MeettheBoss was created by Spencer Green, founder of GDS International Ltd, in February 2008 in Bristol, United Kingdom. The tool was officially launched on September 8, 2008.

MeettheBoss is used for networking and as a problem solving business tool. Members select a fellow executive, read their bio information and extensive career notes, and can immediately be on a video call to discuss common challenges.

Over 20,000 executives now actively network in the community.

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