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Type Public (Template:Nyse)
Founded 2005[1]
Headquarters Pleasant Grove, Utah
Industry Online backup service
Products MozyFree
Employees 270 (2009)[2]

Mozy is an online backup tool originally created by Berkeley Data Systems of American Fork, Utah. It is now developed by Decho Corporation, a subsidiary of EMC, with offices in Pleasant Grove, Utah.[3] The Mozy online backup service allows both Windows and Mac users to back up their data to off-site servers. While originally released as a product for end-users, Mozy later released a remote backup utility for businesses called MozyPro.

Mozy currently offers three versions of backup software: MozyFree, MozyHome and MozyPro.

MozyFree allows users to back up 2 GB of data from up to two computers (referring others to Mozy gives free users an additional 0.25 GB of storage space). MozyHome allows unlimited backups from one computer. MozyPro is the business class version of the Mozy backup software.

Mozy has the ability to back up several types of files such as bookmarks, documents, and e-mails at once rather than forcing the user to select particular files or folders. Mozy also has the ability to back up locked files, such as the Outlook.pst file. This allows backup of files that are in use, offering users near-continuous protection against data loss.

Mozy's largest direct competitor is Carbonite, a private company based in Boston, Massachusetts.

In October 2007, EMC acquired Berkeley Data Systems and the Mozy product line for $76 million.[4]

In November 2008, EMC Corporation created Decho Corporation, formed from the assets of Berkeley Data Systems and PI Corporation. Mozy is Decho's flagship product.[5]

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