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File:MuseWiki @ 20. 15 on 10.11.09.jpg
Commercial? No
Type of site Wiki
Registration Optional
Available language(s) English
Owner "Crazybobbles"[1]
Created by "Crazybobbles"

MuseWiki is a wiki which provides in depth information about almost every aspect of British rock band Muse. The wiki is contributed by the band's fans and also acts as a fansite as well as an online community. As of 11 November 2009 the site has 9,330 registered members[2].



MuseWiki was first launched on 16 November 2005. It was founded by "Crazybobbles" - the owner of Since its creation 4 years ago it has grown to have over 2,500 articles.[3]


Visitors to MuseWiki are permitted to edit or create pages without logging in to the wiki. The website contains detailed information about all members of the band including the behind the scenes staff, full discography and videography, every song has its own page with further information, interesting facts about the song and its lyrics (if applicable). It also has an extensive tour archive and gives information about future events as well as link from which to buy tickets, posts of recent news about the band and tablatures of songs.


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