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Fujoshi Kanojo (腐女子彼女。 Fujoshi Kanojo.?) is a Japanese light novel series in two volumes by Pentabu based on a popular blog[1] of the same name with 11 million[2] pageviews. A manga adaptation by Rize Shinba started serialization in 2007 and was published by Enterbrain under their B’s LOG Comics imprint. A movie adaption was 2009 published with My Geeky Girlfriend as the International English title.[3] Both the light novel and manga have been licensed for release by Yen Press.[4]


Story Synopsis

The story is about the misadventures of a college student, who was falling in love with a pretty girl two years his senior, while in a part-time job, only to find out his girlfriend is a hard-core yaoi fangirl, and so his torment begins.



The novels contains blog entries of the blog with the same name from 2005 to 2007.


Enterbrain published December 2007 the first volume of the manga adaption created by Rize Shinba in its 'B’s LOG Comics' imprint. The fourth volume was released in April 2009. The manga is translated in Chinese and recently German where it is published as Akihabara Shojo[5].


The TV-drama was released in May 2009. It was directed by Atsushi Kaneshige and with screenplay written by Ei Katsuragi.


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