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Neighborhood America Corporation
Type Private
Founded 1999
Headquarters Naples, Florida, USA
Key people Kim Patrick Kobza, President & CEO
David Bankston, EVP & CTO
Dan Miller, EVP
Jim Haughwout, VP & CIO
Tom Edwards, VP Sales & Mktg
Industry Computer Software
Enterprise Social Software
Enterprise 2.0
Government 2.0
Cloud Computing
Software as a Service

Neighborhood America specializes in developing and supporting enterprise social software solutions for business and government customers. The Company markets its solutions to the Enterprise 2.0 and Government 2.0 industries. Co-founded in 1999 by Kim Patrick Kobza and David Bankston, Neighborhood America is a privately funded company headquartered in Naples, Florida.


Company Timeline

1999 - Company co-founded by Kim Patrick Kobza and David Bankston. Initial focus is on the public sector, and early projects include public outreach for Golden Gate Park, the Stapleton Airport, and the Erie Canal.

2001 - The nation responds to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 with a unified voice[1]. Neighborhood America’s solution becomes the technology[2] supporting public outreach for Imagine New York[3], an initiative that unites the public and - through media, celebrity endorsements and public service announcements [4] - invites citizens to share ideas for memorializing the World Trade Center. Shortly after, Neighborhood America's technology is selected to support public outreach for a design competition for the Flight 93 National Memorial[5].

2004 - Neighborhood America and IBM reach a business partner agreement, whereby the two companies will serve the public sector with a jointly branded product, the IBM – Neighborhood America Public Comment Service [6].

2006 - Neighborhood America acquires MOVO Mobile in October to expand its online platform to include mobile social network communities[7].

2008 - In February, company releases ELAvate, its newest enterprise social networking platform. In May, ELAvate is named among the SIIA CODiE Awards winners as ‘best social networking solution[8].

2009 - (January) Enhances social computing solutions with development of Business Services.[9]
(March) Neighborhood America becomes Microsoft Certified Partner and supports Microsoft’s first Gov 2.0 community.[10]
(May) Company’s ELAvate platform wins second consecutive CODiE Award by the SIIA for ‘best social networking solution’.[11]
(June) Enhances platform with introduction of company's data warehouse and social analytics for greater business intelligence.


Neighborhood America’s ELAvate platform is a web application delivered through a Software as a Service model that enables organizations to create a brand community. Neighborhood America solutions provide the Web 2.0 tools expected in a community building platform:

To service enterprise needs, the solution also offers:

With the social networking applications of ELAvate at the core of its offerings, the company offers the following Business Services to meet specific business needs:

REVEALideation (idea generation)
CAPTUREuser generated content
UNIFY – public comment
MOVOmobile marketing
CONVERGE – a complete brand community


2009 Codie Awards Winner of 'Best Social Networking' Solution [11], SIIA
2009 Communicator Awards, Winner of Five Gold Communicator Awards for Marketing Excellence [14].
2008 Codie Awards Winner of 'Best Social Networking' Solution [8], SIIA
2007 Global Award for 'Best Use of Mobile Marketing, Cross-Media Integration'[15] - (Adidas, Isobar Communications, Neighborhood America) by Mobile Marketing Association
2007 IBM Top Star Award
2007 BPT Partners[16] Steppin' Out Award Finalist[17]
2003 American Planning Association (APA) American Vision Award for Imagine New York[18]

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