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Type Online notepad

NotePub is an online notepad that allows for private, public, and shared notes. NotePub is also an open purpose wiki without a markup language. Notes can include files and images, and can be linked to other notes within NotePub, or to external websites. Content is organized chronologically and with tags. Read and write permissions can be set for each note and user name. The user interface relies on drag-and-drop techniques to include content from other web sites or upload multiple images and files from the client computer. The user interface has been criticized as cluttered and awkward at first, but hassle-free after some initial learning.[1][2]

In most other examples of note taking software, such as Evernote, Springnote, and Google Notebook, search results are limited to a single notebook (in effect, a collection of notes created by a single user). NotePub search results include all public and private notes to which the current user has access. The importance of NotePub to the evolution of notetaking software, wikis, and collaborative real-time editors is the innovation of all users sharing a single stream of online notes, with access permissions set on a note by note basis.[3]

Notepub does lack some of the features commonly found in notetaking software, such as RSS syndication. Its emphasis is more on quick accessibility than on features. [4]

NotePub first launched on May 1, 2008.


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