Parallels Plesk Billing

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Parallels Plesk Billing
File:Plesk logo.svg
Developer(s) Parallels, Inc.
Stable release 5.6 / July 2008
Operating system Windows, Linux and FreeBSD
Type Automation
License Proprietary

The Parallels Plesk Billing software package is a commercial web hosting billing and automation program. Originally released under the U.S. company ModernGigabyte, LLC and designed in Louisville, KY, Parallels Plesk Billing became an Parallels, Inc. product when Parallels, Inc. acquired ModernGigabyte, LLC in January 2008.[1] Originally called ModernBill, the product's name was changed to Parallels Plesk Billing as part of an overall rebranding of the company's products.[2]


Parallels Plesk Billing allows a server administrator to acquire, provision, manage and reccurringly bill orders for services requested from end customers with a particular emphasis on domain registration, web hosting, digital certificates and other web-based services and applications. Parallels Plesk Billing integrates through an API with many third party systems like control panels, domain registrars, payment gateways, and other service providers. Other features include support for template based plans, upgrade/grade options, ala carte resource additions, and suspension/re-enablement based on payment history.

Parallels Plesk Billing utilizes a mysql database running on PHP 5.x or better. Parallels Plesk Billing can be installed on any Windows, Linux, or FreeBSD operating system that supports Apache server or Internet Information Services. .

Version history

Version Released
Parallels Plesk Billing 6.0.3[3]
Parallels Plesk Billing 6.0.2
Parallels Plesk Billing 6.0.1
Parallels Plesk Billing 6.0.0
Parallels Plesk Billing 5.6 July 28, 2008
ModernBill 5.3 March 26, 2008
ModernBill 5.2 July 19, 2007
ModernBill 5.1 October 26, 2006
ModernBill 5.0[4] July 11, 2006
ModernBill 4.4 March 15, 2007
ModernBill 4.3 January 28, 2005
ModernBill 4.2 October 17, 2004
ModernBill 4.1[5] June 17, 2004
ModernBill 4.0[6] November 14, 2002


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