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PartnerUp is an online networking community that entrepreneurs and small business owners use to find the expertise and resources they need to start and grow a business. Members can connect with potential partners, advisers, and business resources[1].


Web site

PartnerUp launched the new version of its web site in May 2009. New features include groups and a question and answer page[2].

PartnerUp also builds online communities for companies that target small business customers. SCORE Association - a nonprofit association of more than 11,000 counselors dedicated to advising entrepreneurs about growing successful small businesses - has their own community built and powered by PartnerUp that connects to PartnerUp’s community of more than 100,000 members[3][4][5].


The PartnerUp Online Community for small businesses and entrepreneurs allows members to:[6]

  • Create a profile
  • Post opportunities and find the right people
  • Find valuable resources
  • Ask for and offer up advice
  • Expand your network

PartnerUp builds online communities for clients to:[7]

  • Acquire new customers
  • Create word of mouth
  • Pave the way for innovation
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Save money


Steve and Beth Nielsen founded PartnerUp in February 2005 and launched the web site in April 2007[8][9]. Deluxe Corporation acquired PartnerUp in July 2008 and the company now operates in Shoreview, Minnesota[10].


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