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URL http://www.pikeo.com/
Commercial? yes
Type of site Photo sharing
Registration free
Owner Orange
Created by Orange Labs
Launched December 2006
Current status beta

Pikeo is a photo sharing website and an online community platform. Registered users can share their photos with either the community of users or only their friends and family, and they can also add comments. Visitors can discover photos by using a search engine, a map of the world, or their contacts' tags and home pages.

In addition to being a Web site for users to share personal photographs, the service can be used by bloggers as a photo repository.



The Pikeo project began in 2004 in the Orange Labs in San Francisco, an R&D division of the France Telecom Group that concentrates on Web 2.0 community services. The beta version of Pikeo was officially launched on 5 December


  • RIA web interface
  • Mobile interface : m.pikeo.com
  • iPhone interface : i.pikeo.com
  • Mobile upload via ShoZu and Orange Uploader
  • 1 GB of free storage
  • Taxonomy of photos with tags (key-words) based on a who-what-where structure
  • Geographic localisation of photos (where-tags) on a map of the world
  • Photo access rights: public, private, friends, family
  • Contacts
  • Comments
  • Organisation of photos into albums and "smart albums" (tag-based)
  • Slideshow
  • Trip diary: Slideshow presenting photos according to where they were taken
  • HTML links and URL access to homepage, photos, albums and slideshows

The service is particularly geared towards travelers and young people, and those interested in the mobile upload feature.


Pikeo is developed with Adobe Flex, a technology that makes desktop-like applications possible in the web browser by using Flash runtime. The mapping feature is built on top of Microsoft's Windows Live Maps. The mobile upload application is provided by ShoZu.

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