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PodWiki is a wiki engine written in Perl, which primary markup language is Perl POD, but it also supports WikiShorthand, TWiki, TikiWiki and others. PodWiki supports the usual features such as graphics, authentication and authorization, version control of pages and so forth. It comes with a number of so-called formatters, one of them is the blog formatter, which makes it possible to use PodWiki as a blog with wiki features. (or vice versa).

The big difference from other Perl WikiEngines is that PodWiki is 100% customizable, since the whole wiki site is driven by the include feature. PodWiki always loads a page called Autoload, which includes the other stuff, such as the Header, Stylesheet, Menu, the Content-Area, Edit-Bar, Footer etc. This allows the user to fully modify PodWiki's look-and-feel.

PodWiki is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and its last update was on 2007-06-30[1].

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