Python for S60

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Python for S60
Paradigm multi-paradigm: object-oriented, imperative, functional
Appeared in 2006
Designed by Guido van Rossum
Developer Python Software Foundation
Stable release 1.4.5 (2008-12-3; 368574137 ago)
Preview release 1.9.7 (2009-08-4; 347492537 ago)
Programming language C++, Python
OS Symbian OS, S60 platform
License Apache license, Python Software Foundation License

The Python for S60 also called PyS60 (Unix name), is Nokia’s port of the general Python programming language to its S60 software platform, based on Python 2.2.2 from 2002. [1]


Release history

First released in 2005, it featured a relatively small set of modules and functions. Version 1.2, the last non-opensource release and the second version of PyS60, brought many improvements and was made available on October 21, 2005 on Forum Nokia.

After becoming open source, PyS60 had the advantage of a strong and dedicated community that could actively contribute to improving it. The milestone release was Version 1.3.11.

The latest stable version, 1.4.5, was released on December 3, 2008. On December 24, 2008, a developer version, 1.9.0, was released. It featured several improvements, the main of which was a new core based on Python 2.5.1.

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