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Type Search Engine
Founded 1999
Founder(s) Stan van de Burgt
Berend Metz
Headquarters Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Area served Europe and the Americas
Key people Marcel Smit (CEO)
Marcel Karssen (CFO/CTO)
René Stukker (CCO)
Gertjan Krab (Director Professional Services)
Industry Search engine technology, Enterprise search
Products Semantic search,
Dynamic FAQs and web banners,
User search query trend reporting
Website www.q-go.com

Q-go is a privately owned international company that specializes in semantic search SaaS, based on Natural Language Processing technology. The technology provides relevant answers to users in response to queries on a company’s internet website or corporate intranet, formulated in natural sentences or keyword input alike. It integrates automatic statistical reporting of user query behavior for businesses that want to monitor what kinds of questions their customers are asking. This is in order to adjust content to provide the appropriate information for customers and to reduce the load on traditional customer service ports of call, such as call centers and answers by email.


Brief History

Q-go was founded in 1999. Its head office is based in Amsterdam, with further offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Bonn, Zurich and New York. It also has partnership presence in other countries.


The company’s intuitive website search and question answering management system is currently available in a variety of languages, including English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Catalan. Q-go has been implemented and deployed in a range of industries, including banking, insurance, pension, telecommunications and logistics, as well as several government agencies.


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