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Rakudo Perl is an implementation, currently in development, of the Perl 6 specification for the Parrot virtual machine. The first major release (named "Rakudo *" or "Rakudo Star") is expected in April 2010.[1]

Originally developed within the Parrot project, its source code repository was split from that project in February 2009 so that it could be developed independently, though at that time there were still many dependencies. One goal is to rewrite methods using higher-level Perl 6 syntax, instead of Parrot intermediate representation (PIR), an assembly language.

The name "Rakudo" for the Perl 6 on Parrot compiler was first suggested by Damian Conway [2]. "Rakudo" is short for "Rakuda-dō" (with a long 'o'; 駱駝道), which is Japanese for "Way of the Camel". "Rakudo" (with a short 'o'; 楽土) also means "paradise" in Japanese.

The term "Rakudo Perl" is also intended to help enhance the distinction between the name of a language implementation ("Rakudo") from the name of the language specification ("Perl 6").

The monthly releases are synchronized with the monthly releases of Parrot, but occurring two days later[3] so that Rakudo may implement changes necessitated by Parrot. Rakudo Perl #14 was released in February 2009, codenamed Vienna after the Perl mongers group that has sponsored one of its developers since April 2008. Subsequent releases will also use codenames based on Perl mongers groups; the most recent release as of January 2010, #25, is codenamed Minneapolis.[4]


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