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File:RCC 2008 Day 2 - 6.JPG
Participants at RecentChangesCamp 2008
Location Portland, OR
Dates Feb 20-22
Location Palo Alto, CA
Dates May 9-11
Location Montréal, Quebec
Dates May 18-20
Location Portland, OR
Dates Feb 2-4
Location Portland, OR
Dates Feb 3-5

RecentChangesCamp is an Open Space Technology format unconference focused on wikis. The conference is named after the "Recent changes" feature that is found in many wikis.[1] RecentChangesCamp follows an unconference model of being free to participants and an Open Space model in having a program that is determined onsite by participants.[2]


Conference history

RecentChangesCamp was conceived at WikiSym 2005 as a way to replicate on-line wiki collaboration in the face-to-face world, using Open Space Technology, which enables participants to create the agenda on the fly, guaranteeing that all issues that participants were willing to take responsibility for were worked on to the extent possible.[3]

The first RecentChangesCamp was held February 3-5, 2006 in Portland, Oregon, USA,[4] with 147 people in attendance. Participants included wiki inventor Ward Cunningham,[5] Sponsors of the 2006 event were: ICANNWiki, IBESI, OSDL, Socialtext, Atlassian and IBM.[2]

The next RecentChangesCamp was also held in Portland, from Feb. 2-4, 2007.[6]

File:Logo rococo 2.1.png
The logo of RecentChangesCamp Montreal

A few months later, another RecentChangesCamp was held in Montreal.[7] This event was from 18-20 May 2007.[8] It was also called RoCoCoCamp, for Rencontres sur la Collaboration, la Créativité et l'Autogestion" (Meetings on Collaboration, Creativity and SelfManagment;[9] the name was chosen to echo the "RCC" initials in "RecentChangesCamp" with more recognition of Montreal's French-speaking population. The theme of the event was "AccidentalLinking"[10], a wiki pattern about surprising, serendipitous relationships between wiki writers and wiki pages. The event was held at the Société des arts technologiques (SAT) in downtown Montreal. [8]

RecentChangesCamp 2008 took place May 9 - 11 in Palo Alto, California, USA. It was held at the SocialText offices. The theme of the weekend was Assume Good Faith, and the sponsors were, Atlassian, Socialtext, Solseed, Wikia, and wikiHow.[11]

The next RecentChangesCamp took place February 20-22, 2009, in Portland, Oregon.[12]

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