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ReportLab Toolkit
Developer(s) ReportLab
Stable release 2.3 / February 4, 2009; 352593726 ago
Written in Python
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Toolkit
License BSD license

ReportLab is the name of a London-based company that created and maintains the ReportLab Toolkit (RLTK), a Python-based PDF generation toolkit[1], and related software, such as PyRXP[2]. The company uses a combined commercial and free software business model: their core library, the toolkit, is freely available and licensed under a BSD license, while they sell as proprietary software various programs using and enhancing the capabilities of the toolkit, such as PageCatcher to capture content from existing PDF documents, and Diagra to generate charts and graphics for embedding within PDF documents. The company also engages in consulting, and provides integration services for enterprise-based solutions using their core technology. They are notable proponents of reforming software patents[3]




Free Open Source

The current version of RLTK is 2.3. It requires at least Python version 2.3, although 2.5 is recommended and 2.6 is supported. The software tree is publicly available in a Subversion repository, and the download page includes a daily snapshot of the production branch.

The earlier version 1 of RLTK was frozen on May 19, 2006 with release 1.21. That was the last version to support Python 2.1 and 2.2. It is still made available for download.

Some functions need the Python Imaging Library (PIL).

The software is claimed to run on many platforms, including Microsoft Windows, many Linux distributions, and both Mac OS 8 through Mac OS X. The only binary downloads available are for Windows, but it is now part of the Enthought Python Distribution.


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