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SQL-92 was the third revision of the SQL database query language. Unlike SQL-89, it was a major revision of the standard. For all but a few minor incompatibilities, the SQL-89 standard is forwards-compatible with SQL-92.

New Features

  • SQL Agent
  • New data types defined: DATE, TIME, TIMESTAMP, INTERVAL, BIT string, VARCHAR strings, and NATIONAL CHARACTER strings.
  • Support for additional character sets beyond the base requirement for representing SQL statements.
  • New scalar operations such as string concatenation, date and time mathematics, and conditional statements.
  • New set operations such as UNION JOIN, NATURAL JOIN, set differences, and set intersections.
  • Support for alterations of schema definitions via ALTER and DROP.
  • Bindings for C, Ada, and MUMPS.
  • New features for user privileges.
  • New integrity-checking functionality such as within a CHECK constraint.
  • New schema definitions for "Information".
  • Dynamic execution of queries (as opposed to prepared).
  • Better support for remote database access.
  • Temporary tables.
  • Transaction isolation levels.
  • New operations for changing data types on the fly via CAST.
  • Scrolling cursors.
  • Compatibility flagging for backwards and forwards compatibility with other SQL standards.
  • Call Level Interface

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