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URL swik.net
Type of site Wiki
Owner www.sourcelabs.com
Created by SourceLabs
Launched June 22, 2004

SWiK.net is an open-access wiki created by SourceLabs to document open source software. Swik.net publishes articles on software development of open source projects. The software used was independently written by SourceLabs. SWiK also allows for syndication of RSS feeds which enables rapid publication of project news feeds, or blogs. SWiK allows the automatic creation of content, with results varying possibly due to how difficult it is to extract information from external websites.[1]

According to Alex Bosworth[2], the original creator of SWiK, the wiki is most used for finding related open source projects, getting news about projects they are working on, collaborating on documentation, and publicizing their own open source projects.

Sometime in early 2009, SWiK was quietly sold to DZone for an undisclosed amount. No press release is readily available but the DZone branding started to appear in April 2009.[original research?] Since that time, it is no longer possible for new users to register for the service or to edit pages.


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This article was originally based on material from the SWiK, which is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5.

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