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A Sellaband profile
Slogan Fan Funded Music
Type of site Social network / Music
Registration Required for buying parts, not required for listening
Available language(s) English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese
Owner Sellaband AG
Created by Johan Vosmeijer, Dagmar Heijmans
Launched August 2006

Sellaband is a music website that allows artists to raise the money from their fans and the SellaBand community in order to record a professional album. It was set up by Johan Vosmeijer (ex Sony/BMG), Pim Betist (ex Shell), and Dagmar Heijmans (ex Sony/BMG) in August 2006. Their offices are located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, but they are incorporated in Bocholt, Germany.[1]

On April 8 2008, SellaBand raised EU€3.5 million[2] (US$5 million)[3] in their Series A round led by Prime Technology Ventures.[4]

In early 2009 Pim Betist left SellaBand to set up Africa Unsigned [5] using SellaBand technology as a base and supported by the Dutch government.


New Model

On October 1st 2009 SellaBand launched a new model which gives artists total flexibility in their fan funding plan and does not take rights. Any artist either signed or unsigned can now use SellaBand to fund any project, as can record labels, artist managemers, publishers etc

Public Enemy was the first major artist to sign up for SellaBand with a target of $250,000 in $25 increments. [6]


Individuals interested in supporting Sellaband artists do so by buying "parts" in them. Believers can purchase any number of "parts" in a single artist or "parts" in multiple artists.

Up and until the time all parts are sold, the money collected from Believers in exchange for artist "parts" is held in an escrow account managed by a third party (Dieter Roesing, Rechtsanwälte und Notare, Bocholt), regulated under German Law,[7] and cannot be accessed by Sellaband or the artist. Any interest accrued during this period is kept by Sellaband.[8] During this time Believers may sell back any number of "parts" they have in an artist, which are re-deposited into the Believer's Sellaband account, and buy parts in other artists. They can also request a refund of any and all amounts they have in their deposit account. Once the target is raised, the Believers' funds are committed to the artist and the Escrow Agent transfers the funds to Sellaband for the recording project.


Artists using SellaBand are free to work with whoever they like but one of the strengths of SellaBand is their ability to connect artists with top class producers. Among the Producers that have worked on SellaBand albums so far are Tony Platt (AC/DC, Bob Marley), Attie Bauw (Scorpions, Judas Priest), Peter Denenberg (Spin Doctors, Deep Purple), Steve Bush (Stereophonics, Corinne Bailey Rae), Mick Glossop (Van Morrison, Waterboys), Malcolm Burn (Patti Smith, Emmylou Harris) and Greg Haver (Manic Street Preachers, Super Furry Animals).


December 2007 a partnership with was announced.[9] This was initially for the UK but has been successfully repeated with Amazon in Germany and USA.

March 2009 SellaBand announce a deal to launch in USA with Chuck D’s music company BTN (Bring The Noise) Management in which the former Public Enemy front man will function as Sellaband’s "US ambassador."[3]

June 2009 launched. The first sister site is presented in conjunction with partner MerchandisingMedia GmbH.


Since its inception, Sellaband has conducted several Official concerts in Europe.

Other Unofficial SellaBand events have included:

Sellaband artist appeared at "Concert At Sea" festival (June 2007) held in Brouwersdam, NL.[citation needed] In addition, a number of concerts in Europe, Australia, and the United States have been organized through the collaboration of Sellaband artists and believers.[citation needed]

Sell-A-Jam USA “One Night In Boston”[10] took place on January 25 at Boston's Paradise Lounge and featured Sellaband recording artist Lily Vasquez, with Sellaband listed artists Jon Robert and Delco, Jess King, and Wetwerks. The Sellaband Rio Grande Festival,[11] was held in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico on February 22 and February 23. On the 13th of november 2009 Rave 'n Rock artists Resistor headlined “Resistor presents Sellaband Live” at Amsterdams Club Panama with Sellaband listed artist Hangover Sunday and the Dial -a- Poets. [12]

artists who reached their goal

There are several artists who reached their goal already. In December 2009 Cubworld was the first artist, closing his second budget.[13]

The first 25 artists to reach their goal and release their Sellaband CD:[14]

12006-11-02[15]NemeseaFile:Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands$50.000
22007-01-12[16]CubworldFile:Flag of the United States.svg United States$50.000
32007-03-12[17]Second PersonFile:Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom$50.000
42007-03-18[18]ClémenceFile:Flag of France.svg France$50.000
52007-05-21[19]Lily Vasquez (formerly known as Lily)File:Flag of the United States.svg United States$50.000
62007-06-02[20]MaitreyaFile:Flag of New Zealand.svg New Zealand$50.000
72007-06-28[21]Mandyleigh Storm[22]File:Flag of Australia.svg Australia$50.000
82007-10-05[23]Julia MarcellFile:Flag of Poland.svg Poland$50.000
92008-01-06[24]SolidtubeFile:Flag of Austria.svg Austria$50.000
102007-09-11[25]Vegas DragonsFile:Flag of Australia.svg Australia$50.000
112008-03-02ConFused5File:Flag of Austria.svg Austria[citation needed]$50.000
122007-11-05[26]T-kaFile:Flag of France.svg France$50.000
132008-02-18Mysti MayhemFile:Flag of the United States.svg United States[citation needed]$50.000
142008-02-02Thomas Boissy[27]File:Flag of France.svg France[citation needed]$50.000
152008-04-30Daniel Ward-MurphyFile:Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom$50.000
162007-10-27[28]Francis RodinoFile:Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom$50.000
172007-12-21BulletProof MessengerFile:Flag of the United States.svg United States[citation needed]$50.000
182008-05-01Angie ArsenaultFile:Flag of Canada.svg Canada$50.000
192008-04-18So WhatFile:Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands$50.000
202008-08-16AIOIAFile:Flag of France.svg France$50.000
212008-03-04LUNIC (formerly known as Kaitee Page)File:Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom[citation needed]$50.000
222008-06-07Lady HaideeFile:Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom$50.000
232008-06-25Electric Eel ShockFile:Flag of Japan.svg Japan$50.000
242008-03-19Ellie WilliamsFile:Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom[citation needed]$50.000
252008-11-30[29]Lucia ImanFile:Flag of Spain.svg Spain$50.000

There are 17 more artists who have reached their goal and are currently recording their Sellaband CD:

12008-08-25Gisel de MarcoFile:Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina$50.000
22008-10-08NearfieldFile:Flag of Portugal.svg Portugal$50.000
32008-10-21Tiffany GowFile:Flag of Australia.svg Australia$50.000
42008-11-12Natalia SafranFile:Flag of Poland.svg Poland$50.000
52009-03-30Slim VoidFile:Flag of Norway.svg Norway$50.000
62009-05-11RadiusFile:Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands$50.000
72009-06-15Radio OrangeFile:Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands$50.000
82009-07-21Katie ThompsonFile:Flag of New Zealand.svg New Zealand$50.000
92009-08-17Lori GrecoFile:Flag of Australia.svg Australia$50.000
102009-11-02Civilized TearsFile:Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom$31.000
112009-11-03BonnieFile:Flag of Uruguay.svg Uruguay$15.000
122009-11-11Inge MFile:Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands$50.000
132009-11-24ArielFile:Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom$20.000
142009-12-05HindFile:Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands€40.000
152009-12-07Kane SoleFile:Flag of New Zealand.svg New Zealand$15.000
162009-12-08Aly CookFile:Flag of New Zealand.svg New Zealand$20.000
172009-12-17CubworldFile:Flag of the United States.svg United States$15.000
182010-01-26EpyllionFile:Flag of Canada.svg Canada$10.000

There are over 3.400 artists currently registered on Sellaband.[30]

Old Model

On October 1st 2009 SellaBand launched a new model which gives artists total flexibility in their fan funding plan and does not take rights. Under the old model the funding was restricted for recording a album, revenue shares with believers was fixed and the total to be raised was set at either US$50,000 or US$100,000 with parts at $10. The new changes have seen established artists sign up as well as new artists who already have management or other representation.

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