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The SilverStripe administration panel
Developer(s) SilverStripe
Stable release 2.3.5 / January 20, 2010; 337131884 ago
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Content management system
License BSD Licence

SilverStripe is a free and open source content management system (CMS) for creating and maintaining websites. The CMS provides a web-based administration panel that enables users to make modifications to parts of the website. This panel includes a WYSIWYG website editor.

SilverStripe is released under the terms of the BSD Licence. An online demonstration of the CMS is available as a video and as an interactive demo. Documentation is available for CMS users and website developers.


Software Design

SilverStripe is written in PHP5, and takes advantage of PHP5's object-oriented design capabilities. It is based on a model-view-controller pattern and uses an object-relational mapper. The CMS generates markup using a custom template language. SilverStripe contains Sapphire - a custom PHP framework.

SilverStripe is extensible through modules, widgets, themes, customization and ModelAdmin. SilverStripe generally relies on a code customization model over configuration.


Default website theme in SilverStripe 2.3

Notable features of the SilverStripe CMS include:

  • A modern, extensible web-application interface
  • Drag and drop tree-based navigation structure
  • Custom output markup, modern, table-free default styles
  • Work-flow management: Draft/Published separation through content staging, document revision control/rollback with 'compare' functionality
  • Highly configurable security/permissions model
  • Data object model, database generation through [object-relational mapping], suite of customizable data input controls.
  • Dynamic asset management, image resizing
  • Multiple templates per page
  • Search engine friendly URLs, meta-data management, XML sitemap generation
  • Full text search and RSS feeds
  • Optimizations for heavy loads (e.g. manual cache refresh)
  • Internationalization/Languages: SilverStripe supports multiple-language content. UTF-8 and the internationalization of character sets are supported. The CMS is available in many languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, and Chinese.

Notable features of upcoming releases of SilverStripe include:

  • Hierarchical URLs
  • Additional Administration UI (e.g. Web-interface based installation of Modules, Widgets)
  • Native use and support of JQuery library
  • Official Microsoft SQL Server Support
  • Site-wide Widgets

Common CMS features not currently available in SilverStripe include:

  • Hierarchical URLs
  • In-place page editing
  • Web-interface based installation of Modules, Widgets or Themes
  • Web-interface based customization of themes
  • Automated cache management/ORM refresh

Modules, Widgets, and Themes

Modules extend the core functionality of SilverStripe. Some existing modules include: Blog, Advanced Workflow Management, eCommerce, Forum, LDAP/OpenID authentication. Modules are available from the SilverStripe modules repository.

SilverStripe Widgets are small pieces of functionality that can be dragged and dropped into SilverStripe modules (notably the blog module). Examples of widgets include: tag clouds, flickr photos, or word of the day.

The SilverStripe themes directory provides a number of community-contributed, freely available themes. These themes can be quickly added to most SilverStripe sites.

Modules, Widgets, and Themes are all available as free downloads under the BSD license, and the majority of them are community contributed.

Software Requirements

SilverStripe is a web application, requiring a compatible HTTP server and SQL database. As of version 2.3.0 (23 February 2008), the requirements for SilverStripe are as follows [1]:


File:SilverStripe - The Complete Guide to CMS Development (Wiley) (Paperback Front Book Cover, 2009).jpg
SilverStripe - The Complete Guide to CMS Development (book, 432 pages)
SilverStripe is released under the terms of the BSD Licence. Documentation is available for CMS users and website developers. An online demonstration of the CMS is available as a video and as an interactive demo.

A technical reference book on SilverStripe is available in both English[2] and in German[3]. Both are over 400 pages in length and were released in 2009.


The SilverStripe software is developed by SilverStripe Limited, a website development company founded in 2000.

Prior to SilverStripe 2.x, the CMS was commercially available under a proprietary license. Development of SilverStripe 2.X started in late 2005, as a complete overhaul to take advantage of object orientation and new features in PHP5.

On 3 February 2007, SilverStripe 2.0.0 was released publicly as free and open source software[4].

In March 2007, SilverStripe was selected for the Google Summer of Code programme[5]. This programme resulted in the 2.2 release of SilverStripe[6].

On 29 November 2007, SilverStripe announced they would be participating in the Google Highly Open Participation (GHOP) contest[7]. This led to a proliferation of themes, translations and widgets that broadened the system.

In late 2008, SilverStripe split its main website into, to act as the home for the company behind the software, and, to act as the home for the software and its open source community.[8].

In May 2009, the SilverStripe company formed partner associations with other website development companies to represent the company in foreign markets[9].

In August 2009, SilverStripe claimed the software had been downloaded 200,000 times since first released[10].



  • Winner Packtpub Most Promising CMS Award 2008, $2000 prize.
  • Winner in New Zealand Open Source Awards for October 2008
  • Most promising finalists in the 2007 Open Source CMS Awards
  • Finalists in the New Zealand Open Source Awards for October 2007

Reviews and Articles


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