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Operating system Cross-platform</td></tr>
License LGPL</td></tr>


SmartClient is an Ajax framework created by Isomorphic Software. First released in 2001, SmartClient has been integrated into products from major software vendors including Informatica and Wily/CA, and has been deployed in thousands of enterprises. Since November 2007, SmartClient has been available free under an open source LGPL licence.


SmartClient provides:

  • a broad set of GUI components, intended to allow complete applications to be developed without directly authoring HTML or using low-level Ajax techniques
  • support for any server platform via integration with WSDL/ RESTful web services, in XML and JSON formats, directly from the browser, as well as special support for Java-based servers
  • metadata-driven components which can bind to metadata formats such as XML schema, allowing a shared client-server data model with extensible types, validation rules and editing constraints
  • Service-oriented architecture for new applications, as well as incremental enhancement of existing web applications via embedding SmartClient components inside existing HTML/CSS layouts

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