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Slogan The music search engine and internet jukebox.
Type of site Music Search Engine
Available language(s) English
Owner Amie Street
Created by Aza Raskin, Scott Robbin
Launched November 8, 2007 (2007-11-08)
Current status Active

Songza is a web search engine that finds and plays music files on the internet.[1][2] It was launched on November 13, 2007.[3] There is no ability to download these files, however.[1] Unlike other streaming services, users explicitly search for individual files to play rather than an automatically-generated playlist they cannot control.

Songza has been widely noted for its unique user interface, which incorporates many ideas that co-founder Aza Raskin had previously written about and which are generally uncommon, such as pie menus,[4] a very low number of icons, and using undos rather than warnings.

Originally only searching YouTube for music, in January 2008, Songza expanded its searches to include results from the website Seeqpod.[5] In March 2008 Songza's web interface was upgraded with improved playlists and the ability to save them.[6] It now also has songs from Imeem.[1]

Amie Street acquired the company in October 2008.[7]

As of late January 2010 Songza is not longer offering their music search service.


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