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File:Sputnik wiki engine logo.png
Developer(s) Sputnik Launch Team
Initial release December 2007 (2007-12)
Stable release 9.03.16 / 16, 2009 (2009-03-16)
Operating system Cross-platform (Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows)
Type Wiki
License MIT
Website http://spu.tnik.org

The Sputnik Wiki is a lightweight, cross-platform example of the wiki software application type. It is written in Lua and runs over multiple web servers (Apache/CGI and Kepler/Xavante). A basic Sputnik wiki runs in about 2000 LOC complete. The product's extensibility and configurability allows it to be morphed into other types of webapps, such as a photo album, bug tracker (in 120 lines of code), blog, or calendar.



Differentiating features (among Wikis) include:

  • A Sputnik/Kepler installation uses 1Mb.[1]
  • No-compile installation
  • Sputnik ships with the webapp stack included.
  • Lua installation not required
  • root/Administrator not required


The Webapp architecture stacks up like this:


The Sputnik team grants use of the product under an Open Source MIT-styled (attribution) license.


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