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Type Private Company
Founded November, 2003
Headquarters Phoenix, Arizona[1], United States
Industry Web hosting

StartLogic is a web hosting company started by Thomas Gorny.[2] The company currently hosts over 100,000 websites,[3] indicating significant viral growth.[4] Their servers are housed in a datacenter located in Boston, Massachusetts.[5]


StartLogic has been criticized for its reliability and customer service. The attack site includes 50 user-submitted complaints,[6] and is listed as the highest-ranked unofficial site in a Google search for StartLogic.[7] The Better Business Bureau recorded 90 complaints in the current reporting period, although most have been listed as resolved or administratively closed.[8]

StartLogic iPowerWeb, and Blue Domino are sister companies[9] owned by Thomas Gorny and sharing the same headquarters.[2][10] The two services are largely similar, leading some to suggest that they were forked solely to escape a poor corporate image.

iPowerWeb has an unsatisfactory record with the Better Business Bureau due to unanswered complaints and a failure to respond to complaints within the Bureau's time frame. As of September 2007, the BBB processed a total of 156 complaints against iPowerWeb within the previous 36 months. has also reported[11] that more sites hosted by iPowerWeb have wound up in their Website Clearinghouse than any other service. iPowerWeb has promised to work with to solve this problem.[citation needed]


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